PhraseExpander – Text expander for Windows

PhraseExpander is a powerful text expander software for Windows that will help you type faster and with greater accuracy, autocompleting your hard to type words, long phrases and launching your favorite websites and applications by just typing an abbreviation.

Who can get the most out of PhraseExpander

PhraseExpander is for all the people who have to deal with a lot of repetitive typing, be it writing similar emails, reports or documents. If your daily routine contains repetitive typing or procedures, PhraseExpander can help. PhraseExpander proves especially invaluable for Medical Doctors, Medical Transcriptionists, Customer Care specialists.

Use PhraseExpander autotext and autocomplete features to

  • Automatically correct spelling mistakes in 7 different languages, in any application.
  • Create dynamic and customizable templates in any application: create text templates for your repetitive emails, reports, documents and use them anywhere. They can include formattings, too.
  • Automatically complete hard to type words and long sentences: PhraseExpander can suggest words and phrases as you type. And automatically complete them for you.
  • Forget hard to recall shortcuts and long procedures. Abbreviations are fast, easy to remember and natural.
  • Clipboard History: PhraseExpander multi-level clipboard history can save and let you easily access to the last pieces of text you copied to the Clipboard
  • Reply to emails faster and without errors.
    With the help of our speed typing software, you can keep your commonly used phrases and data always to hand and enter them in your email program, word processor or any application by just typing a few keystrokes.
  • No more browsing through your folders and the start menu. Have your favorite applications always to hand.
  • Save time using pre-filled and customizable emails. You can create pre-filled emails and customize them, adding further information as required.
  • Instantly open and search your favorite websites – search YouTube, Google, Ebay, Amazon and many other sites without leaving your current application.
  • Easily share and distribute your favorite text expansions and commands across your company – allowing instant access to commonly used applications and boilerplate texts.
  • Reduce RSI: PhraseExpander reduces the amount of typing you have to do and consequently the risk of suffering from repetitive strain injury.

Are you looking for Direct Access, the old version of PhraseExpander? Please check here.